Computers 9

There are several courses across the BC curriculum involving computers, from Applied Design, Skills and Technologies to Computer Science. This course will combine elements of these into a one semester course. The purpose of the course material is to build useful skills and to promote critical thinking and problem solving.

The major units will be:

  • Using Software (Graphics Programs, Spreadsheets, 3D Printing, etc.)
  • Computer Programming (C++, Javascript, Robots, etc)
  • Web Design (Wordpress, HTML, CSS)
  • Animation (Blender)

We can add topics of interest to students, time permitting.

Students are expected to apply themselves to learning useful skills and have fun with the material. There will be some variation in experience and prior knowledge, so the assigned tasks and their assessment will be partially tailored to the individual student. Students are expected to do their best and to achieve success in the course.

Much of the students' class time will be spent using the computers in our lab. Students must resist the temptation to waste their class time with video games and "surfing the web". If a student cannot refrain from these activities, then the student may be banned from computer use and be required to complete the projects with pencil and paper.

All of the software used in the course will be open-source, so students can download and use the software at home at no cost.

Assessment will be based on projects (75%) and tests and quizzes (25%).