Foundations of math 12

We will be using the new curriculum, which was finalized this year. The Big Ideas are

  • Probabilistic thinking informs decision making in situations involving chance and uncertainty.

  • Modelling data requires an understanding of a variety of functions.

  • Mathematical analysis informs financial decisions.

  • Through explorations of spatial relationships, we can develop a geometrical appreciation of the world around us.

Textbook: Canavan-McGrath et al., Foundations of Mathematics 12, Nelson, 2012.

Assessment will be based on unit tests, homework, quizzes, and a final exam.


Unit Tests and quizzes

Final Exam




Assignments will be marked by the student and handed in. Answer keys will be provided.

Quizzes will fall throughout the course units.

Unit Tests will occur at the end of each unit.

The final exam will take place in the exam period.


    • geometric explorations:

        • constructions

        • conics

        • fractals

    • graphical representations of polynomial, logarithmic, exponential, and sinusoidal functions

    • regression analysis

    • combinatorics

    • odds, probability, and expected value

    • financial planning