Computers 10

Computers 10 at NISS will be a hybrid of two Ministry courses: Computer Studies 10 and Web Development 10:

The Big Ideas of the two courses are similar:

  • User needs and interests drive the design process.

  • Social, ethical, and sustainability considerations influence design.

  • Complex tasks require different technologies and tools at different stages.

  • Multi-stage design projects benefit from collaborative work environments.

The course will mostly focus on the Computer Studies content, which consists of a long list of topics in the curriculum web page. Most of these topics are very small, and can be dealt with quickly.

The most time consuming topic is Introductory Programming. For this topic, we will tap into the Web Development course to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build out own web pages. We will omit much of the content on web design methods, except as optional projects based on interest.

Assessment will be based on projects, a portfolio, and in class quizzes.